make a long family tradition.

We Loefflers are a typical local family with our roots in the Markgräflerland area over generations. We live and work together on our estate and all of us tackle the challenges involved to the best of our abilities: from grandma to the two sons Wolfgang and Bernd with their wives Helga and Doris down to the grandchildren – each of us does his or her share of the work in the vineyards, in the wine cellar or in the wine tavern. Managed with as much enthusiasm and passion as the estate, the latter is far from being an insider’s tip any more.


Wolfgang is the firstborn son of the wine-grower’s family of Irma and Walter Loeffler. After his training as a wine-grower and subsequent apprenticeship to become a wine cooper, Wolfgang worked for a long time as second cellar master in the Ballrechten-Dottingen and Britzingen wine-growers’ co-operatives. As a professionally trained cellar master he founded the wine-growing estate in 1988 with the vigorous support of his wife Helga. His son Andreas continues the family tradition and has worked in our business since 2001, also as a professionally trained cooper and cellar master.