hand-picked grapes from sunny locations.

Wines are by their very nature distinctive. But only with the commitment and expertise of wine-grower and cellar master can they become unforgettable. We strive to create a taste sensation that is particularly harmonious resulting from the soil of the Markgräflerland area, the Mediterranean climate as well as from the traditional and international grape varieties. It is our aim to continually improve their good quality. You too can share in our joie de vivre by enjoying our wines with us!


The 14 hectare vineyard area of our wine-growing estate is located on the sunny slopes of the hilly vineyards of Castellberg and Fohrenberg. The loamy loess soils accumulate heat during the daytime and give it off again at night-time; this promotes the vigorous growth of the vine and the taste quality of the grapes.


Our Grape Varieties
Gutedel (chasselas) 4.5 ha
Spätburgunder (pinot noir) 3.5 ha
Müller-Thurgau 1.5 ha
Weißer Burgunder (pinot blanc) 1.5 ha
Grauer Burgunder (pinot gris) 1.5 ha
Gewürztraminer 0.5 ha
Regent (pinot Regent) 0.3 ha
Others 0.7 ha
Total vineyard area 14.0 ha