and enjoy our snacks to your heart’s content!

What could be better than enjoying a hearty vintner’s supper and a glass of wine in good company while the late afternoon sun nestles into the River Rhine plain, offering a conspiratorial wink as it sets?
Enjoy hand-made Baden specialities and farmhouse bread fresh from the oven, a chat with the knowledgeable host and a good quarter-litre of wine (Viertele) against the backdrop of impressive scenery: We warmly welcome you to come and join us!


Take a seat and let us spoil you in the pleasant atmosphere of our wine tavern’s guestroom or outside in the beautiful courtyard of our winegrower’s estate: From Staufen’s castle ruin to the tranquil wine-growers’ village of Ballrechten-Dottingen, a unique view opens up to you, which will make you forget everything else around you for a few quiet moments.



SPRING   ·   06th March – 21th June 2020   |   AUTUMN   ·  12th August – 1st November 2020

COURTYARD PARTY   ·   07th – 09th August 2020
Open from Wednesday to Saturday 16.00 - 22 hours   ·   Sundays and public holidays 15.00 - 22 hours

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Open Easter Monday and Whitsunday from 15.00 hours!